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Hallo erstmal...

Die Aufgaben der Landesjugend bestehen in der Betreuung der bestehenden Orts-
jugenden in Nordrhein-Westefalen sowie der sich neu gründenden Jugendgruppen.
Diese Jugenden und deren Interessen vertreten wir gebündelt in der Öffentlichkeit
sowie gegenüber dem ASB Landesvorstand und der Bundesjugend.
Ein weiterer großer Teil in der Unterstützung der Ortsjugenden ist die finanzielle
Unterstützung. Wobei wir einerseits direkt Zuschüsse vergeben können und anderer-
seits bei der Beschaffung von öffentlichen Mitteln beraten.

Die Arbeit der Landesjugend ist an den Bedürfnissen und Interessen junger
Menschen orientiert. Jungen Menschen soll eine sinnvolle Freizeitbeschäftigung ge-
boten werden in der sie spielerisch und mit Spaß soziales Engagement entwickeln
können. Wichtig sind uns die Förderung der Gemeinschaft von Kindern und Jugend-
lichen untereinander, sowie deren Selbstbewusstsein und Toleranz.

Ein großer Bestandteil unserer Aktivitäten ist durch den Themenbereich der 'Ersten
Hilfe’ geprägt. Um sich hier mit anderen interessierten jungen Menschen messen
zu können und neue Kontakte zu knüpfen finden abwechselnd im Abstand von zwei
Jahren der Landesjugendwettbewerb und dann der Bundesjugendwettbewerb statt.
Neben der 'Ersten-Hilfe’ gibt es hier noch die Bereiche 'Kultur’ und 'Allgemeinwissen’.



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What's the upside? It's that with a new brain comes a new world. Consider this possibility: The reason Nike Free Womens Shoes the human species, for good and for bad, is so adaptive to this planet is because of our adolescence. That is the moment at which everything is cast into doubt and we are fundamentally drawn to innovation and novelty. This can be dangerous for us as individuals, but it's very good for our species as a whole. How many adults do you know who have held on to the essence of adolescence in their adult life? Who have held on to a passion, Cheap Nike Free Run UK something they're really on fire about!our "emotional spark"? Who have stayed socially and politically engaged? Who keep up close friendships!our "social engagement"? Who keep trying new things and not settling for the same old, same old!our "novelty-seeking"? And who have kept their minds challenged with "creative explorations"? Which adults would you say are better off!those who have held on to those adolescent Womens Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK preoccupations or those who have "grown up"?
Neuroscience finds that our brains never stop growing, an idea called neuroplasticity. What spurs Men Nike Free 3.0 V2 Shoes that growth and keeps you young? Emotional spark, passion, social engagement, friendships, novelty, and creative outlets. That's the essence of adolescence! Think about that the next time you feel tempted to make fun of a teenager for being a teenager, or use the term "adolescent" as an insulting, demeaning comment. Instead of mocking their emotions or rebelliousness, you might try to be a little more adolescent yourself. Research suggests that's exactly what we all need to keep Cheap Nike Free Running Shoes UK our brains young and nimble, helping us grow and imbuing us with a vitality that will serve us well throughout our lives. When I walked in to teach my first mindfulness class at a charter high school in Oakland, no one seemed interested. One student was sleeping in his chair; a few kids were messing around in the classroom. Our Mindful Mondays series provides ongoing coverage of the exploding field of mindfulness research. Our Mindful Nike Free Run 3 Womens Mondays series provides ongoing coverage of the exploding field of mindfulness research.
Everyone looked at me like I was in the wrong place. I was nervous and not really Air Max 1 Mens Sale sure what I would do. So I just started talking about stress. I asked students if they ever felt stressed, what they do when they are stressed, and asked each of them to share an experience about the last time they were stressed and how they dealt with it. That was the right move. After teaching more than 20 10-week Air Max Shoes Sale introductory mindfulness courses at five different high schools over the past few years, I have learned one main lesson: You have to make mindfulness class relevant to the daily lives of students. Sports, relationships, parents, teachers, friends!if you can relate it to what the students are experiencing and they understand how it can actually be useful in their lives, you start to grab their attention. It took a few classes before we even started practicing mindfulness, because I had to first make a connection with the students!and then I had to explain why they might want to learn mindfulness. If you can open the eyes of a Air Max 2014 Womens UK student to living a more whole, introspective life with an introductory mindfulness class, that is an incredibly powerful thing.
Being an in-house teacher also has advantages. You already know the Nike Air Max 2011 UK Cheap students and hopefully have trust built up. The students will know your behavior!teenagers are very perceptive!so if you are teaching mindfulness to teens you have to embody this at school even when you are not teaching mindfulness classes. In fact, that is likely how they will learn the most and decide if they are even willing to take it seriously. Every time I finished a 10-week mindfulness class, I would wonder if it was helpful at all. Did the students get it? Are these 10 hours Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes UK going to change their lives? Was I doing a good job? Sometimes there would be direct results, like when a student would tell me how practicing something from the class changed one of her relationships or made him less angry. But at the end of the day, I would remember: 10 hours is not much time. I am just planting seeds. If I taught students lacrosse or piano for 10 hours, I would not expect it to change their lives. But I would remember that some Nike Air Max 90 UK students can take away valuable life skills!and others, later in life, may remember something they used in class to pursue other contemplative practices or dive deeper into mindfulness.
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